Yugo Kohrogi Drawings 2011-2015


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Yugo Kohrogi Drawings 2011-2015

Apr 6 - 26, 2015
11:00-19:00  every day open during the exhibition
The artist will be at the gallery on Jan Apr 6
Venue | Yoshimi Arts


We are presenting the “Yugo Kohrogi Drawings 2011-2015”.

Yugo Kohrogi’s drawings have a seductive presence. Referring to concrete, established forms with specific motifs and images, yet with textures that seem to peer through at things, aiming beyond the morals of sexual and psychological situations to the horizons of ontological shores. “Creation” for a fine artist is not dependent on technological or material innovation but based on innovations of perspective and philosophy. Often the more conservative the framework that would be defined by a subject or method, the more sophisticated the outcome of the expression might be.  Yoshimi Arts

“For me, painting is a way of interacting with the world. Redefining the perspectives of the world and society through an old-fashioned method like painting is my main object as an artist. I think that potential is still strong with painting, even in our time.”
[Excerpt from Yugo Kohrogi’s comment for Terrada Art Award]

We hope you will take this opportunity to view the works by Yugo Kohrogi.

Yoshimi Arts will also host this exhibition as a participant at “Festart Osaka 2015”.

image: drawing 2013 oil-based color pencil, oil-based conté, paper 389×540mm


Yugo Kohrogi artist page
1982 Born in Kumamoto Prefecture, Japana
2007 Graduated from Fine Arts Department, Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music
2009 Completed Oil Painting Course, Fine Arts Department in Graduate School, Tokyo National
  University of Fine Arts and Music
Solo Exhibition
2014 "Ripple" (CASHI/Tokyo)
  "/" (Yoshimi Arts/Osaka)
  "Hopskotch" (CASHI/Tokyo)
2011 "boiling point" (CASHI/Tokyo)
2010 "Sparkler" (Gallery Art Composition/Tokyo)
2009 "body nude / body" (Gallery Art Composition/Tokyo)
  "melting point" (CASHI/Tokyo)
Group Exhibition
2015 "Insight 13" (Yoshimi Arts/Osaka)
2014 "Terrada Art Award" ( T-Art Gallery/Tokyo)
  "Insight 12" (Yoshimi Arts/Osaka)
  "Insight 11" (Yoshimi Arts/Osaka)
  "Group Show VII" (CASHI/Tokyo)
  "Insight 10" (Yoshimi Arts/Osaka)
2013 "Figurative Abstraction" (Yoshimi Arts/Osaka)
  Insight 8 "Figurative" (Yoshimi Arts/Osaka)
2012 "Physical side II" "Yoshimi Arts/Osaka"
2011 "Summer Arts Festival - MITSUKOSHI × Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and
  Music-" (Mitsukoshi Nihonbashi/Tokyo)
  "Group Show IV" (CASHI/Tokyo)
  "Tradition, Contemporary, Generation" Drawing Exhibition (The University Art Museum-
  Tokyo University of the Arts-/Tokyo)
2010 "Group Show II" (CASHI/Tokyo)
  "Self Portrait - Others as Myself"  (Takahashi Collection Hibiya/Tokyo)
  "Lost Generation" ( Bunkamura Gallery/Tokyo)
  "HANGA's Color" (Bunpoudou Gallery/Tokyo)
  Straight grass" (CASHI/Tokyo)
2009 "Group Show Ⅰ" (CASHI/Tokyo)
  "Tokyo National University Prints Collection" (EYE OF GYRE/Tokyo)
2008 UTM "Tradition and the present age" (Asakusa Public Hall/Tokyo) 
  "umsteigen" (Austrian Embassy/Tokyo)
  "A Midsummer Night's Dream" (CASHI/Tokyo)
  "Tokyo Wonder Wall 2008" (Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo/Tokyo)
2007 UTM "Tradition and the present age" (Sakamoto elementary school/Tokyo)
  "CROSS BORDERS" (Silpakorn University/Thailand)
Takahashi Collection,Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum
2014 Atsushi Suwa prize, Terrada Art Award
2012 The 6th Shuou Fund Scholarship Award
2010 HOLBEIN Scholarship
2008 Tokyo Wonder Wall, Selected
  Tokyo Wonder Seeds, Selected