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Dec 12 (sat), 2020 - Feb 14 (sun), 2021
2-16-5 Honjo, Sumida-ku, Tokyo


We are pleased to present Minako Nishiyama's solo exhibition "★PINK・Pink★" at KAIKA Tokyo by THE SHARE HOTELS, a hotel in Honjo, Tokyo.
Since the late 1980s, Minako Nishiyama has been noted for creating sculptural work that intensely highlight “girl culture” with the huge piece that is reminiscent of Licca-chan’s house (something like Barbie’s house), or work that is like the backdrop for a Takarazuka stage. Later, she began using baking ingredients such as sugar and egg-white to create ephemeral works like sugar crowns or roses that are easily destroyed.
There is seemingly no continuity in the change in the visual representation between her works from the early‘90s and the late‘90s. However, rather than concluding that the works from the two periods being in contrast with each other, it is important to note that the nature of the work has not changed, and has always existed in Nishiyama’s works.
In this exhibition, we will display a masterpiece which uses Japanese girls’ comics from the 90s as the motif and is making its first appearance in Tokyo; a flat-surfaced installation piece from 1997, and was shown in the exhibition, “De-Genderism detruire dit-elle/il” , at the Setagaya Art Museum; and a new work for “Sugar Roses” – a series Nishiyama has been creating with real sugar since the 2000s. The exhibition will embody fragments of Nishiyama’s world and philosophy.
We will also show works Nishiyama created using different media, including the early works from the1980s, the monumental “backdrop-style” pieces shown in the “Takarazuka: The Land of Dreams” exhibition (Suntory Museum in Tempozan, Osaka; Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery in Tokyo; Sogo Museum of Art in Yokohama, 2004), the “Sugar Rose” pieces after the passing of time, and photo pieces she has been working on in recent years. (Viewing is limited to hotel guests only.)


image | 《Na♥O♥Mi》《E♥Ri♥Ka 》 1992 acrylic and silkscreen on shaped panel 180x120cm/each
"Minako NISHIYAMA 90's ★twinkle eyes★" (2018, Yoshimi Arts) exhibition view>


■concurrent exhibition

Yoshimi Arts Storage Tokyo
Minako Nishiyama

Dec 12 (sat), 2020 - Feb 14 (sun), 2021
*hotel guests only
image | 《Welcome to your Cinderella Kitsch 2》 2004 acrylic on corrugated paper boards h.220×w.210×d.80cm
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Minako Nishiyama
Born in 1965 and Lives in Hyogo. 1991, MA Kyoto City University of Arts. 1997, Six-month residency in New York supported by the Asian Cultural Council. 2003, Banff Creative Residency, Canada.
Since the late 1980s, despite majoring in oil painting, Minako Nishiyama has created objects from cloth; three-dimensional pulp pieces; and works that employ Japanese “girl culture”, including “The Pink House”, reminiscent of the gigantic, Barbie house-like “Licca-chan’s house”, and Takarazuka Revue’s backdrop-esque pieces. Later, she began to work on fragile pieces using crowns and roses made from sugar as motifs, as well as wall paintings and “Ref-work”, a series that makes use of light reflection. She employs various mediums to express her art.
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