Insight 18


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Insight 18

Jul 21 - Aug 10, 2017
11:00-19:00, Closed | Sun, Mon, Jul 28
Venue | Yoshimi Arts

Yoshimi Arts is pleased to present our exhibition "Insight 18".

“Insight” is a regular exhibition featuring works by the artists of Yoshimi Arts that have been held since 2010, mainly our collections. All works are categorized in accordance with the theme of each exhibition, attempting to reveal “Insight”.

In the 18th "Insight", we will exhibit the works of six artists, Rachel Adams, Shigeru Izumi, Mizuki Kakinuma, Keigo Kamide, Haruko Sasakawa, and Minako Nishiyama, variously including paintings, three dimensional works, and photographs.

image | Haruko Sasakawa "Plastic Bag" 2015 plastic bag

Rachel Adams 
Shigeru Izumi "Shigeru Izumi PAINTINGS 1971-93" 
Mizuki Kakinuma 
Keigo Kamide 
Haruko Sasakawa 
Minako Nishiyama