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Sep 4 (sat) - 19 (sun), 2021 → extended until Sep 25 (sat)
Yoshimi Arts
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Rachel Adams "Home Grown"
Jan 30 (sat) - Feb 21 (sun), 2021
Yoshimi Arts
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Insight 24 "abstraction"
Nov 25 (wed) - Dec 27 (sun), 2020
Yoshimi Arts
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10th Anniversary
Decade vol.2
Aug 27 (thu) - Sep 27 (sun), 2020
Yoshimi Arts
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Online / Contactless
May 22 (fri) - 31 (sun), 2020
Yoshimi Arts, the three konohana website
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Insight 23 "intersecting viewpoint"
Nov 30 (sat) - Dec 22 (sun), 2019
Yoshimi Arts
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Insight 22 "spec/bug"
Jul 31 (wed) - Aug 18 (sun), 2019
Yoshimi Arts
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Jul 5 (fri) - 7 (sun), 2019
Hotel Granvia Osaka 26th floor
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Flash Memories
Jun 29 (sat) - Jul 20 (sat), 2019
432|SAI GALLERY、Yoshimi Arts、The Third Gallery Aya
Curation|Takashi Hirata (art critic)
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Backyard Sculpture
Jun 21 (fri) - Jul 20 (sat), 2019
domobaal (London)



Outdoor commission
Apr 26 – 28, 2019 (within event <Spring Open Weekend "ROAMING">) → Extended until October
Hospitalfield (Arbroath, UK)
image: photo by Ruth Clark


Insight 21
Dec 5 (wed) - 23 (sun), 2018
Insight 21-2
Jan 16 (wed) - 26 (sat), 2019
Yoshimi Arts
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GENERATION (website)
Rachel Adams was selected for the 'GENERATION' website managed by the National Galleries of Scotland.

SAACHI GALLERY (website) : video tour of the exhibition "Paper"
Video tour of the group exhibition "Paper" at SAACHI GALLERY which Rachel Adams participated in.


Rachel Adams WEB SITE


Rachel Adams
1985 Born in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
2009 MA in Fine Art University of Edinburgh and Edinburgh College of Art
2017 MFA in Ruskin School of Art, University of Oxford
Lives/works in Glasgow, Scotland, UK
Solo exhibition
2021 "Home Grown" (Yoshimi Arts/Osaka) >>
2019 "Hothouse" (commission work, Hospitalfield/Arbroath)
2018 "Lowlight" (block projects/Sheffield) >>
  "Noon" (David Dale Gallery/Glasgow) >>
2017 "Open Studio" ((MFA dgree Show/Ruskin School of Art/Oxford)
2015 "Open Studio" (Yoshimi Arts/Osaka) >>
2014 "How to live in a flat" (The Tetley/Leeds)
  "Long Reach" (domobaal/London)
2013 "Suburban Mystic" (The Lombard Method/Birmingham)
  "Space–Craft" (Tramway 5/Glasgow)
2012 "Posturing" a solo project within The Sculpture Show (Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art/ Edinburgh)
  "Refurnished" (Galerie de Expeditie/Amsterdam)
2011 "Cut From Whole Cloth" (domobaal/London)
  "Marble Mouthed" (The Duchy/Glasgow)
Group exhibition
2020 "Decade vol.2" (Yoshimi Arts/Osaka) >>
  "Online / Contactless" (Yoshimi Arts, the three konohana website) >>
2019 "Stoop,Stoop,Stooping is Stoopid!" (Studio Pavilion at House for an Art Lover/Glasgow)
  "Flash Memories" (Yoshimi Arts/Osaka) >>
  "Backyard Sculpture" (domobaal/London)
  "Insight 21-2" (Yoshimi Arts/Osaka)
2018 "Insight 21" (Yoshimi Arts/Osaka) >>
  "Insight 20""Insight 20-2" (Yoshimi Arts/Osaka) >>
  "Design Exhibition Scotland" (Lyon & Tumbull/Edinburgh)
2016 "Material and Form" in a digital age (Yoshimi Arts/Osaka) >>
  "March Mostra" (British School at Rome/Italy)
2015 "December Mostra" (British School at Rome/Italy)
  "Finite Project Altered When Open" (David Dale Gallery & Studios/Glasgow)
2014 "£1 Fish" (S1 Art Space/Sheffield)
  "Vivarium" (Model/Liverpool)
  "Material and Form" in a digital age (Yoshimi Arts/Osaka) >>
  "Mood is Made / Temperature is Taken" (Glasgow Sculpture Studios /Glasgow)
  "Micro Residents exhibition" (Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop/Edinburgh)
2013 "Rock Paper Scissors werk op en van papier" (Galerie de Expeditie/Amsterdam)
  "Commissioned Artist" (The Collection/Lincoln)
  "Game Changer" (Meadowbank Stadium, curated by the Collective Gallery /Edinburgh)
  "Paper" (Saatchi Gallery/London)
  "Costume: Written Clothing" (Tramway 5/Glasgow)
  "Title" (Newbridge Space/Newcastle upon Tyne)
  "Jesmonite on Paper" (Malgras Naudet/Manchester, A3/Birmingham)
2012 "Pavilion" (David Dale Gallery & Studios/Glasgow)
  "Arrives in Starting part of Glasgow International" (The Duchy/Glasgow)
2011 "LABF" (Whitechapel Gallery/London, domobaal/London)
  "Look with all your eyes, Look" (Frith Street Gallery/London)
  "Outpost Summer Fayre" (Am Nuden Da, Embassy, Grand Union, OUTPOST, Permanent/Norwich)
  "The Chalet Prize" (The Chalet/Glasgow)
2015 Sainsbury Scholarship in Painting and Sculpture (full year), The British School at Rome, Italy
2014 Henry Moore Foundation Project Funding
  Creative Scotland Award
  Arts Trust Scotland Award
2012 Visual Arts & Crafts Award (Edinburgh City Council)
2009 Visual Art creative and professional development grant (Scottish Arts Council)
  Visual Arts & Crafts Award (Edinburgh City Council)
  Andrew Grant Award (Edinburgh College of Art)
Saatchi Collection, David Roberts Collection, Jo en Marlies Eyck, Hedge House, The Netherlands, Azko Nobel Art Foundation