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Miki Sato "The Voices of Silence"

Jun 2 (wed) - 20 (sun), 2021 → extended until July 4 (sun)
12:00-19:00 (sun -17:00)
Closed on mon, tue
Yoshimi Arts

*The dates or opening hours are subject to change


Yoshimi Arts is pleased to present “The Voices of Silence” by Miki Sato, the artist's 7th solo exhibition at the gallery.
Sato’s production process begins with the layering of drawings of multiple ready-made images distributed through a variety of media, and analyzing them until the work is finally elaborated into an oil painting tableau. 
Existing images are dismantled and restructured in oil paint by adding smudging staining , ink blurring, and distortion. The drawing becomes a complete form the moment she finds “life” in itself. According to Sato, this oil painting process is like the act of exploring the root of spiritual feelings.
Sato has been using “face” for a motif as a way to introduce this world and the interpretations of its complex energy that are impossible to verbalize. The worldwide pandemic has totally changed our social life and seen the spread of uneasy feelings which we, despite experiencing the great earthquake disaster, could not even cope with. While this poses an acute challenge for relationships with others, Sato sees “faces” that have been drawn using many processes as a way to understand others. Her work embodies her hopes for solidarity in the future, with the exhibition functioning as an opportunity for viewers to empathize with others. 


image | 《I'll swim if you're swimming》 2021 oil on canvas 1620×1303mm(F100)


Miki Sato >>
1986 Born in Yamagata Prefecture, Japan
2009 Graduated from the Department of Fine Arts: Oil Painting, Tohoku University of Art and Design
2011 Completed Art Culture Master's Program (Oil Painting) in Graduate School, Tohoku University of Art and Design
2014 Completed Art and Design Doctor's Program in Graduate School, Tohoku University of Art and Design
  Researcher at Tohoku Culture Research Center (-2017)
Lives in Toyama Prefecture.
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2010 "The Tenth Memorial Niki Exhibition in Spring" Newcomer Grand Prix
2008 "Shell Art Award" Selected
Japigozzi Collection


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・Wearing a mask
・Hand disinfection at the entrance
・Social distancing (about 2m, minimum: 1m)
・If you have a fever or cough, you cannot enter.

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