Mizuki Kakinuma "Transchromatic"


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Mizuki Kakinuma "Transchromatic"

Jun 19 - July 9, 2017
11:00-19:00 Closed | Tue, Wed
Venue | Yoshimi Arts

Yoshimi Arts is pleased to present the solo exhibition "Transchromatic" by Mizuki Kakinuma.
Mizuki Kakinuma has exhibited in many group shows as well as four solo shows at Yoshimi Arts, beginning with a group show in 2011, followed by the first solo show in 2012. At first glance it appears to be abstract expressionist, but it also has a contemporary “pop” quality to it, as well as a narrative pictorial composition that goes beyond the physicality of the work. He incorporates sumie brushstrokes in his work, a form of expression deeply embedded in the DNA of Japanese people.
Kakinuma had been painting in a primitive, figurative style from his art high school years throughout art university, but changed his style to abstract expressionism in February 2011, for his art university graduation exhibition. A factor for this change was the foreboding global change occurring at the time, and the status quo in Japanese society being challenged and shaken.
Kakinuma’s paintings are influenced by personal emotions in daily life, the changing conditions in Japan and across the world, the information we receive from the media daily, as well as from being an avid reader and movie fan.
Yoshimi Arts


This has become my fifth solo exhibition at Yoshimi Arts. An overview of my style would reveal a trail of changes (of the material), but the origins of thought have not changed.

I am caught up by these words that pop up in my mind unexpectedly when I am not painting.
“Image of the world”
“Soak your eyes in the water”
“Mirrored sand” …

Banal things, neither no more nor no less than what they are, yet at the same time, all-encompassing something.

This body of work, named “Work,” are strips of such things.
For these works I used lacquer spray and masking tape to develop “Work.”
Please see the traces of these developments.
*“Transchromatic” was taken from Tristan Tzara’s “Seven Dada Manifestos” (Translated by Yotaro Miyahara).
Mizuki Kakinuma


*image | 《 In a Dream 》 2016 oil on canvas 970×1620mm(M100)

《 Work 2016-may (c.) 》 2016 mixed media 609×456mm(P12)

《 Work 2017-april (b.) 》 2017 oil on canvas 652×500mm(P15)

《 Edge I 》 2017 oil on canvas 500×652mm(P15)


Mizuki Kakinuma 
1989 Born in Tokyo, Japan
2011 Graduated from the Department of Fine Arts: Oil Painting, Tohoku University of Art and
Lives and works in Saitama Prefecture
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Japigozzi Collection, Takahashi Collection